“Amani” means “peace” in Swahili. We invite you to share experience through staying with us in our community.

The Amani Homes were founded by Karambu Ringera and built through local and global collaboration and partnership. They are a local and regional community effort to keep orphaned children home in the community where they grew up and enhance a child’s network of support. Children continue to attend their local schools and maintain close relationships with extended families while housing, food, education funding and vocational training are provided by the Amani Home family.
Local community members contribute to aspects of the Amani Home so that local endorsement and sustainability is assured. The Amani network is committed to transforming ecological, economical and social relationships through out Kenya. The homes are designed to thrive through a network of enterprises from jewelry, woodworking, organic agriculture and ecotourism to provide a new shared experience for visitors.

Please come be with us!